Medior Python Developer - Adimian

Brussels BE

Working at Adimian

We are a small consulting company operating from Brussels, Belgium, specialized in both Python and scientific computing. Our customers are mainly large companies looking for our expertise for building new projects or growing existing ones.

We maintain a healthy balance between on-site and remote work. Hours are very flexible, because we don't care how much you work, as long as the job is well done. Being a remote focused company means we often live in our chatroom-du-jour, being Slack. You log-in, salute your friendly co-workers, and then start working, either on internal projects, either for one of our customers.

As most of our customers are large corporations, they bring their unusual, are-you-serious-this-is-insane problems. That's where we all shine, by finding simple but unusual approaches to save the day. So far all our customers deeply love us.

We don't do hype-driven development, so you are free and even encouraged to experiment with new tools and technologies, but you'll have to convince your peers to use any "not-the-usual-stack" technology in production. This creates room for interesting, highly technical discussions once in a while.

We don't do meetings, and we keep phone or video chatting to a minimum, unless it's required by both parties. This means you can be asynchronous in your replies, and take your time to answer. But if you are stuck or worried about something, you can always call for help, we've all been there.

Sometimes you achieve greatness and you can brag about it in our #feelgood channel. Sometimes you fail miserably, and you can still get back to the #feelgood channel to remind you that you're not screwing up all the time. We're deeply human people, and acknowledge that everyone makes mistakes. We don't like pointing fingers. Instead, we stick with you, and cheer you up.

If, unfortunately, you or a loved one is unwell, it's perfectly ok to drop what you're doing to go fix the situation. We might respectfully bug you on rare occasions while you're away, but only if the situation requires it. We take this seriously. Same goes for when you're on holidays.

Being surrounded by curious and nice people, you'll want to get better at your daily job, engage into a virtuous circle of improving your craft, while being given the ability to do so. We don't care about your education. Or your age. Or your gender. What you look like is irrelevant. If you are really good at what you do, then you have our respect. On the other side, if you are all talk and think you can get away with it, you will be disappointed, as we have very little tolerance for bullshit.

As often as possible (so about twice a month), we like to meet up in person with the whole group, to eat unhealthy meals and have geeky discussions about video games, politics and dank memes. Sometimes all in the same sentence.

Working at Adimian, it's trying every day to push everyone up, and have a good laugh while doing it.


  • You see yourself as a solution crafter. You like to bend your mind to not only find the answer to a riddle, but also the most elegant.
  • You like to be under pressure from time to time, let’s say when the time is short and the stakes are high. But you also appreciate to be given time to think and perfect your skills when nothing is on fire.
  • You don’t like to feel like a big fish in a small pond, and want to learn and grow your skills continuously.
  • You wish there was a place that would respect who you are and support you and your quirks, rather than turn you into a “presentable” cog.
  • You care about others, and want your work to profit not only you, but cascade back to the community.
  • You sometimes go to bed with your brain firing all cylinders on a problem to crack, only to wake up in the middle of the night screaming “eureka” (unless it’s under your shower the next day).
  • You take pride in your skills, and enjoy sharing your experiences with others.
  • You are accountable and dependable, and you never take things for granted.

Why we need you


We want you to write code that will enable others, not only because of the features, but also because the quality will set the bar. Strong IT background, topped with at least 2 years of experience with Python and/or various codebases in various environments.

Your work conditions

We encourage our people to work from home, so you must be comfortable with this idea: you will usually work 2-3 days on site and 2-3 days from home, depending on the project needs.

You will be provided with everything you need for your job:

  • laptop of your choice (though we prefer Mac)
  • cell phone with data plan
  • paid transportation and hotel in case of travel abroad (however unusual)
  • you-name-it tech gadgets

Legal perks:

  • 13th and 14th month
  • paid public transportation
  • eco cheques

Extra-legal perks include:

  • 10 days of extra-legal paid leave
  • (very) flexible working hours
  • paid professional training (technology, security, French/English/Dutch)
  • paid trips to tech conferences
  • flat company structure, no managers, everyone can have their say
  • healthcare insurance
  • meal vouchers

What we require (in order of importance)

  • you have a strong understanding of what you do, and why you do it
  • you know how to express your opinion while remaining well mannered
  • we are Python specialists, you can justify of at least 1 year of daily Python usage for writing software applications used in production (not "as a scripting language", "for data engineering/data pipelines/machine learning models", "as part of a PhD thesis")
  • you are proficient with POSIX systems (Linux, OSX), as well as Windows
  • your are fluent in English
  • we also use JavaScript more and more, so you can read and write vanilla JavaScript
  • contributing to an open-source project is definitely a plus
  • you have several years of experience with multiple programming languages
  • you enjoy being challenged and build non-conventional systems
  • knowledge of French or Dutch is also nice to have


How to apply

Applications are limited to EU citizens, or holders of a European Blue Card.

Send your CV, preferably in PDF format, at hiring@adimian.com.

No need to send a separate cover letter as attachment, you can put it in your email body.

Recruiters / agencies / freelancers: we appreciate your interest, but we are not interested in your services.