Conversational UI Specialist - Anankei


For one of our customers in Brussels, we are looking for a conversational UI specialist.

You will be part of a multi-disciplinary, agile team is responsible for the implementation and delivery of chatbots and voice assistants. 
Concretely, you will be responsible for the creation of dialogs, for configuring interactions with back-ends (in collaboration with technical experts) and for teaching our bots to understand what end-users are saying to them.

Your work will be used in both sales and after-sales contexts for various customer segments.

As an extension to the bot conversations and aligned with these ones, you will work on guided customers’ flows for the new support site.

We are searching for people that :
-have a strong affinity with digital customer needs,
-are customer-oriented 
- that have a flexible, positive attitude, especially with regards to change and digital transformation.


Required competencies

- Good writing skills in at least 2 of the following languages: Dutch / French / English. Dutch is your mother tongue.
- Strong affinity with digital communication (chat, messaging, …). Experience with chat or social media in a professional context is an asset.
- Experience in digital communication (chat, messaging) is a pre-requisite
- Self-steering
- Experience with working in an agile context is an asset
- Ability to work under pressure

An ideal candidate is…
- Tech-savy, basic knowledge/experience with programming is an asset
- Aware of how chatbots work and what the possibilities and limitations are
- A good communicator, both with management and with peers
- Creative
- Customer-oriented
- Open to change related to working in a digital environment