Customer Screening & Fraud Process Analyst - Anankei


For our customer in the telecom sector, we are looking for a Customer Screening and Fraud Process Analyst.

Context and mission :
The screening and fraud detection (SCF) activity is the operational hub where risk management is done for the residential customers. Risk management is mainly focusing on proper identity management, solvability check and fraud monitoring when using the customers products and services.

In that context, the various risk management activities are transforming at a fast past via digitisation and automation of activities, integration of data analytics and self-learning techniques.

We are looking for a project analyst to re-enforce and take ownership of automation and digitisation projects and activities on behalf of the SCF department.

In scope of the mission are :
- an ongoing project for automation of customer identification capturing and validation in the sales channels ( shops, partners, web, contact centers)
- a project of data analytics on fraud pattern detection, and fraud prevention when subscribing to new services, or using existing services
- move towards an upgraded operational fraud detection environment.

Expected deliverables of the mission are :
- participate to and actively engage in scoping, providing process expertise, requirements writing, of the various projects
- building on your knowledge and expertise, provide guidance to IT or other business stakeholders on telecom fraud techniques, preventive measures to be taken
- participate to acceptance testing, and validate the correctness of deliverables coming from internal or external software providers or from data scientist experts.
- Overall, assist the team manager in being the spokesperson to various non-expert stakeholders on the importance and the stake of proper risk management


Skills & experience
- Experience and knowledge with customer identification techniques ( EID, ITSME, alternative processes), customer data management overall.
- Experience with risk and fraud management in service industries such as banking, insurance, telecom, or online sales in trade activities.
- Experience with process thinking, requirements writing
- Data analytics savvy.
- Having affinity with customer experience and operational efficiency especially in a customer care environment is definitely a plus.

- You are an energetic person who can bring structure, insight, new ideas.
- You have strong qualities to negotiate, convince others and get things done.
- You are social, assertive, customer-friendly and put team-play first. You can rely on excellent interpersonal skills.
- You are curious, analytical, critical and have strategic insight.
- You have the skills to present complex, detailed problems in a short summary that contains all the elements to arrive at the right actions or conclusions.
- You have the competence to quickly master new material and to process information of different nature and volume and transform it into something valuable.

• You are fluent in English, Dutch and French.