Power BI Expert - Anankei

Brussels BE

We are looking for an experienced Power BI Expert.

You will be the Power BI reference expert for all users, the competence center members and the BI teams.
You'll accompany the users during their on-boarding and during the first weeks in order to get acquainted.


We are looking for:

- A very good knowledge of all the stack PowerBI services ( PowerBI desktop, tabular, gateway, data flow etc.)
- Experienced in Project Management
- Practical experience with Agile


- Either FR or NL required (passive knowledge of the other language)
- EN required

Soft skills:

- Able to be the voice of the competence center and PowerBI toward the business
- Able to manage on-boarding of new department in PowerBI with the help of an already developed framework and training packages
- Self management
- Interpersonal skills