IT Infrastructure Architect - Anankei


Within the department «Services, Platforms and Cloud/ Data Center Services» the «Solution Design & Implementation» team, includes the role of IT Infrastructure Architect. A key role in the “end-to-end” & “cross technology” architecture and design of the IT infrastructure for the «Business» and technical projects within the company. The IT Infrastructure Architect works closely with internal clients, project managers and sponsors, for the translation of the requirements into the design of the IT solution, processes and tools. The role requires participation in all project phases, from initial intake through maturation, execution and project launch.

The IT infrastructure architect role is situated in a dynamic team that provides the design of IT cross technology solutions to the business and ensures the implementation for our internal customers.

Key competencies:
* Analysis of the technical and financial impact of projects on the IT infrastructure and processes.
* Translation of the business and operation requirements into the IT infrastructure technical specification, roadmap and end-to-end & cross-technology architecture design.
* Collaborate with project managers, sponsors, technology teams and managers for the definition of the complete impact on the IT infrastructure; budget & planning and the provisioning of the solution as required by the project.
* Starting with initial high level design and estimate, through to the final detailed solution ready for provisioning (once the budget has been approved).
* Follow the internal and industry evolutions and road-maps, to ensure optimal IT infrastructure design, and to contribute to the IT infrastructure strategy and road-map.


* Proven track record in the analysis, design and architecture preferably in a technology rich environment.
* Knowledge of access network and related technologies.
* Knowledge of the fundamental technical components, e.g databases, middleware, operating systems, servers, storage, etc.
* Awareness of enterprise strength deployment techniques such as SAN, RAID, mirroring, Clustering, Virtualisation, Consolidation, Load Balancing, Cloud, to ensure solutions are available, performant and resilient.
* Understanding of the key infrastructure components; UNIX, LINUX, Windows, ORACLE, SQLserver, Apache, SAP, WebSphere. jBoss, Weblogic, VMware, Hyper-V.
* Understanding of project management life-cycle and methodologies.

* Several years of relevant experience in IT architecture.
* Dutch and/or French speaking, but English is essential.
* Understanding of cost analysis; impact on business cases and cost of a solution’s implementation and year on year operation.
* Strong understanding of the strategy of the company, information technology and innovation.
* Other skills: customer focused, results driven, analytical, leadership, listening and negotiation.