Digital Marketeer - Social Media Engineer - Anankei

Brussels BE

Our client is looking for a Digital Marketeer - Medior

Description: To replace someone currently in sick leave, we look for a senior Social Media Specialist to build a social medio framework from scratch.

As part of the content team, you’ll be the person in charge of setting the foundation of our Social media organic strategy. Expert in that domain for Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and a good knowledge of twitch, you’ll work closely with your manager and agencies to set up the operating framework on the social cellule of Pickx.
Your missions: development brand attachment (engagement and stickiness) and generate traffic on their content platforms.

You’ll be part of strategic reflections on social content factory and will also work on improving the D2D of team already working on Social.
Concretely, what does that mean:
1. Set up the frame of a social news room with planning, dashboard, posts scheduling and optimization regarding our audiences.
2. Paid campaigns toward our audiences to support our organic strat on social.
3. Analysis of action taken in the past months, learnings and recommendation.
4. Audience building and repositioning
5. Content strat regarding the audiences: editorial pillar, editorial angle, format, scheduling and analysis.

As a social media specialist, you work closely with our E commerce department, their media house, communication and branding department + SILK our ecosystem of agencies and the content experience and amplification team.

Passionate about social network and contents, you know tricks to create and engage communities with format that touches your audience. As you evolve in a constantly changing environment, you stay tuned and aware about social actuality. You understand how native social tools work and you know which kpis to follow taking into account your objective.
Building a framework and strategy excite you, you like to grow in a constantly evolving environment. You are methodical, you know how to manage different type of stakeholders from the creative to the data analyst, passing by the top management : this job is for you !



Searched profile:

• Experience: 7-10 years relevant experience in Social Media Campaigns.
• Perfect understanding of social network,
• ROI and delivery mindset, editorial affinity.
• Analytical and organisational skills mandatory.
• Good interpersonal relations skills, to various profiles
• Experience in leading a team.
• Strong communication skills - being able to translate complex content in an understandable way.
• Autonomous, driven, committed and reliable.
• Team player, open-minded and flexible.
• Perfect spelling and writing in NL/FR.