Program Manager Data Transformation - Anankei

Brussels BE

The role is defined on the level of the Data Transformation, consisting of several programs (data Governance, Data Foundations, BI organization).
This transformation is crucial for the "shift to digital" strategy.
As it impacts the daily life of more than 3000 data workers, the role of change manager is extremely crucial.
The role implies a lot of visibility both on executive level and towards these data workers as you will becomes as such "the face" of the data transformation within..

As part of this role you will:

- Define a common Data Transformation story (generic + specific per stakeholder) and support its communication
- Define and execute a common change management approach and agenda
- Supervise change management initiatives within Key Initiatives (connecting the dots)
- Drive Customer service management
- Manage customer satisfaction
- Prepare service meetings per main common stakeholder group

Data transformation will impact the way of working for different profiles of data workers (e.g.: consumers, BI power users, data engineers).
Consequently, you will assess and drive the change in all different programs for these people.


We are looking for:

• Solid background in change management and communication (different communication channels)
• Telco expertise
• Excellent communication and presentation skills: EN, FR/NL (notions of the other), on executive level as well
• Affinity with data and analytics
• Customer-oriented / People-minded
• Empathetic
• Good organisational skills/time management
• Fast learner/Independent
• Creative Mind