Business Service Core Team Support - SII Belgium

Brussel BE

For the Business Service Core team of our Customer, we are looking for an analyst to manage the support of our Business Services Core team.

Our customer has started a strategy some years ago to promote the implementation of re-usable business services on top of a SOA architecture already in place for multiple years.
These business services define the interfaces between our IT systems, make use of an Enterprise Canonical Model and focus on coarse grained granularity of these services operations to optimize the re-use. The approach focuses also on proper naming convention and functional separation of concerns.
We have implemented a “Business Factory Process”, supported by governance tools, design tools, trainings, and support organization during the last 8 years. This process has been revisited to cope with the requirements of our new Functional Architecture and Process Architecture
Multiple new projects use this architecture now and we need to provide proper support to our project architects, subject mater expert (data analysts) and API designers.

For this, we look for an analyst profile, with good experience in middleware/integration area, to be in direct contact with our clients (other internal teams analyst typically) and help them on day to day job.
In this scope, you will be integrated in a “Business Service Core” Team.

You will
- Participate to BS Core regular meeting (2 times per week) to understand the need of the coming projects
- Support a community of SME (subject matter expert) that maintain our canonical model, execute some validations, check with them the part to correct and merge all sub-models in a global enterprise model using our tooling
- Actively participate to the governance process to validate proposed services, check WSDL, Swaggers and validate they are aligned with our standards
- Sit with provider analysts to help them using our tools to rapidly design APIs, check their issues, look for solutions (design only, no coding).
- Manage our hotline support, support mails, organize documentation, contacts with clients
- Adapt or write new documentation or tutorial/videos to help our clients
- Participate to some cleaning exercise to improve the quality of our existing APIs
- Define requirements for tooling improvement (for API design and governance), follow up of tool implementation, and test new versions.


Expected skills:
- Good experience in API Design (SOAP, REST),
- Good experience as analysis in middleware integration
- Some experience as business analyst
- Some experience on data modelling
- Good understanding of SOA architecture, ESB architecture, API Management
- Very good communication skills
- Able to prepare & organise training
- Good in writing documentation
- Ready to make support activities, hotline, answering to problems of clients
- Good in English speaking and writing